Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blum back in the lineup, Matsui out (for now)

But there will be some more rotating with the lineup to keep some guys fresh. For what, it's not clear.

Coop on Blum, who admittedly is not 100%:
We decided to go back to playing Blum at third. I'm going to kind of rotate Keppinger a little bit. Like yesterday (Miguel) Tejada got a day off. Today Matsui's getting one. Maybe Wednesday I might even try to give Lance (Berkman) one … just to keep Keppinger in there. He's swinging the bat pretty good .”

True? Keppinger does have a four-game hit streak going (4x17, with 2HRs). So I guess that qualifies for great offense with this club.
Paulino will definitely get the start tomorrow:
“We think (Paulino) deserves an opportunity to pitch. I think it's a good situation for him. He just threw an inning, almost two innings, on Saturday. He should be fresh for Wednesday. He's going to go out and throw a bullpen, just a light pen to touch and feel and kind of get ready for Wednesday. He'll go on Wednesday, and(Brian) Moehler will go on Tuesday. We have not decided on Friday.”
Coop, on sliding Pence down to 7th:
“(Jeff) Keppinger's been swinging the bat pretty well in the second hole, and (Miguel) Tejada's been hitting fifth recently. I'm a big believer in breaking up righthanded hitters when I can, and (Geoff) Blum slides right in there. That's the reason he's hitting seventh. It's not any kind of punishment or anything, if that's what you think. That's just the way it falls out. It ain't nothing special from that in my standpoint.”