Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Berkman worried about getting jacked in the face


"I think the guys respect him. If anybody mouths off to him, he'll punch him in the face because he's a Golden Glove boxer, and we all know that."

"That's why we selected him, because we see how he goes about his business. We saw how he handled himself at the minor league level, and we've seen how he conducts himself at the big league level with the rapport he's created with the players and his stand-up personality."

But the Astros don't need to go 2-10 in their last ten games to get rid of Clark, either. Wade:
“The reality is it's going to come down to the players. Clark will be able to apply his managerial style for 13 days, but it's going to fall on the players to step up and put their best foot forward.”

“You're dealing with a veteran-type ballclub. The only thing that you can basically change is the attitude for the most part. I've always been that guy who firmly believed that the team takes on the attitude of the manager — of the leader of that team — and of the coaching staff. If I can bring that attitude here, that's what I'm going to do.”

"We just move forward and try to play hard for our next manager and finish out strong."

"It all rests on us, all of it. We're the ones out there playing; we're the ones that have a chance to make a difference."