Friday, September 4, 2009

Astros "do nothing," still contend

This one baffles me. Jon Heyman's latest column on how the NL is benefiting from AL "rejects."

LaTroy Hawkins is yet another example of a complete turnaround. Released by the Yankees last year, he has been lights out with the Astros this year. His ERA in New York was 5.71; with Houston it was 0.43 last year and 2.05 this year.

Since the leagues draw talent from the same amateur and professional pools, it seems odd that one league would be so dominant. Theories abound, ranging from the DH in the American League to differing styles (the sac bunt is all but dead in the AL) to the high payrolls of the Yankees and Red Sox to increased competition based on trying to keep up with the teams at the top (usually those two juggernauts in the AL East).

"You can do nothing like the Houston Astros and still compete every season in the NL," one AL executive pointed out.

Heyman fairly points out the Astros aren't exactly in the mix this year, but, come on...