Sunday, September 13, 2009

And speaking of Tejada...

He may be mentally preparing to exit Houston.

"I love it here. The fans have been great. One thing I appreciate about this city is that with everything I’ve been through this season, they’ve been supportive. Even if I don’t come back next year, I’ll have this city in my mind...

..."I’m not really worried about it. That’s the business part of it. I would love to stay here. It’s a place I feel really comfortable, and I think I could win here. I think with the guys we have here and the young guys, we’re going to be OK. It doesn’t matter to me (where I play). I’ve played third in winter ball. If I’ve got to move to third, I’ll move to third. I just want to win."

I bet Chris Johnson gives the old White Boy Mad Laugh (the high, unintelligible, raving angry burst of chuckles) whenever Miggs talks about moving to his spot. I'll say this, I think we'll be seeing the last of Geoff Blum.

And about that Chris Johnson, he probably won't be getting any starts, because Coop is trying to keep his job. And finishing at or near .500 (the Astros need to go 11-9 to finish .500) will make it a lot tougher for Run-DMc to fire him. But Coop is shoving this on the fans:

"Home fans come to see their guys."

True, or false?