Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wandy would rather give up 10ER than 1ER

Wandy ain't happy. Nor should he be:

“This one hurt worse than when they pounded me with some wood in Milwaukee. Remember when the Brewers scored 10 runs off me? Well, this one felt worse than that. To lose games like this hurts. You try to do your job well, but the other pitcher was excellent. He’s had a great year.”

Carlos Lee:
“Wandy pitched a great game. You can’t even say they hit the ball hard. The only hard ball hit was Ryan, and Pujols hit the ball right down the line, a two-hopper. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I’m happy to see Wandy keep pitching good. And if he keeps going, he’s going to keep us in the game and be a great pitcher...

...Sometimes you’re going to be dominated, and we got dominated today.”

Except the Astros have been dominated more than sometimes this season.

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