Monday, August 31, 2009

Wade, on call-ups

Further evidence on a lack of call-ups:

"As best as possible, I would like to limit it to players who are going to get a chance to contribute. It doesn't mean there might not be a player or two here for atmospheric reasons, to learn about the big leagues a little bit, but by and large I don't believe in using September as rewards.

You start talking about [accruing] 30 days of big league service time and everything else that comes with it. As excited as players are to get promoted to the big leagues in September, when they get here and don't play, I'm not sure they're quite as enthralled as they thought they would be."

Interesting. Major League Baseball isn't as cool as we think, apparently.

Within this piece, we see Towles is "almost assured" of getting a spot. Sampson and Manzella are also strongly being considered.

"We want to win as many games as we can. We're committed to a lot of veteran players here, guys who have gone out there and battled for us all season long. I think they deserve the opportunities to continue to play. Can you find out some things about younger players in September? To some extent, but I've also been told by a lot of sage, veteran baseball people, 'Don't be fooled by what you see in Spring Training and don't be fooled by what you see in September.'

The players will be here to contribute when called upon, but my expectation is the bulk of the playing time will continue to go to the players who have gone out there and produced for us all season long."

Or, not produced all season long.