Monday, August 17, 2009

Updates from the Unofficial Scorer

Got a nice shout-out for the Rajan interview from The Unofficial Scorer today, so thanks very much for that. What else is there to report?

Bobby Heck isn't so optimistic about signing one or two more players, on top of the 36 the Astros have already signed:
"I'm less optimistic today that we'll be adding somebody. We've had continued pursuit of three players with bonuses that would be categorized as second- or third-round bonuses. It's not a failure of us putting up money, it's more of a desire of these kids wanting to go to school and bypass starting their professional careers."
Nice note from Heck on new free-agent signee Kirk Clark, now at Tri-City:
"He's a guy that we saw up to 94 with a solid changeup. Breaking ball needs to be tinkered with. We saw the guy as a prospect and having good value."
Brad James has been shifted to the bullpen.