Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update on Disaster Starts

Last Thursday we had a post on Disaster Starts, in which the starting pitcher allows as many runs as innings pitched. I was too lazy to do the leg work on how the Astros compared to the rest of the NL Central, but Citizen Jeff was not. He posted this in the comments section, but it's worth a re-post, with stats current though 10 August. Captip to Citizen Jeff:

Brewers: 27 disaster starts in 111 games = 24.3%
Reds: 26/111 games = 23.4%
Astros: 25/112 games = 22.3%
Pirates: 23/111 = 20.7%
Cardinals: 20/114 = 17.5%
Cubs: 17/110 = 15.5.%

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