Thursday, August 27, 2009

There are good pitches, and there are bad pitches

And Bud Norris knows the difference. On his last outing:

"Everything's normal, same stuff. Obviously I made some good pitches, I made some bad pitches. You got to keep on making good pitches and give yourself an opportunity. Obviously I want to pitch better. I have a lot of starts this year, but I feel good. That's all that matters — to get back there. I'm anxious for the task. My arm feels great."

I think he's a young guy getting his feet wet really. He's been thrown to the wolves kind of. There's some things that he got away with in the minors he can't really get away with here. He just needs to fine tune his game, his breaking balls, get in the zone a little bit better and those kinds of things. This is all a growing process. And I think he got spoiled. I think we got a little spoiled.”
Pence isn't worried about hitting .215 this month:
I'm fine. Sometimes you get out a few days in a row. It's not going to stay. I don't go through long periods of that. It's unusual. I know I'll get my hits and be fine. Tell me a player that hasn't had a rough streak or a rough week. There's no panic at all.”

"Ups and downs of the game, a long season. A younger player is going to have probably a bigger period where they scuffle and things. Some of the stuff that he's going through he's got to experience it."
Quintero: Better than Pudge? Wandy says it:
Pudge and Quintero are both good catchers. I'm not afraid to throw any pitch to either or a pitch in the dirt at any time because I know I have a good defensive catcher. Quintero has helped me a lot. He knows how to call a game. I don't check him off much anymore. At first I'd check him off often, but now he knows how I like to pitch a game. Pudge has more time in the majors and has known the hitters longer, but that's the only difference. Quintero is good on defense, has a good arm and is quicker. He has a good chance to be a good catcher for a long time.”
And speaking of Wandy, he doesn't know when he's going to pitch next. He may start Sunday (a game Paulino is in the mix to start), depending on how ineffective the upcoming starters are:
They said I'm possibly going to pitch Sunday or possibly pitch on Monday. They say if they have to use a lot of guys in the bullpen a lot then I'll pitch on Sunday against Arizona. If not, then I'll go against the Cubs on Monday.”

It could be Wandy. I don't know. It just depends on what happens the next couple of days. It could be Paulino unless we use him in these next few days here, next two games. It could be Wandy because we don't know. It depends on how many guys we use the next couple of days.”

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