Friday, August 21, 2009

Some nuggets

A few things I missed over the last couple of days that were picked up over at Misplaced Astros Fan's blog:

-Matt Nevarez pitched last 0.1IP last night, giving up a hit but recording a strikeout, for the Legends.
-The Astros signed 28-year old pitcher Billy Sadler, released on 8/10 by the Giants.

With a fastball in the low nineties and a curveball he throws to keep hitters off-balance, Sadler has looked very good at times. He seems to have added a slider and a split-finger, and still throws his changeup for strikes.

He'll be 28 soon, so don't expect him to get heaps better, but this is a very nice low-risk signing by the Astros, and he could provide depth late into the season.

Sadler pitched with the GCL Astros yesterday.