Monday, August 24, 2009

Roy doesn't give two craps about Lexington

So he explains in a McTaggart article on the aging stars of the Houston Astros. Time is running out on them and their creaky, osteoporitic bones.

Berkman, who is a little more gracious:
"All of the individual stuff is already taken care of. You're an established Major League veteran. When you get to 10-plus years in the big leagues, you've made your money and been on All-Star teams. Really, the only thing that's left is the World Series and winning a ring. That's the goal. We'd all love to do that, and that's why we play. But if it doesn't happen, I'm not going to feel like my career is a bust. If my career wound end today, I'd be perfectly happy with everything that's happened. I'd love to win a World Series, but it's not like I spend a whole lot of time saying, 'It doesn't look like we're going to get it done.' You just go out there and play the games. I would like to get back to the playoffs and give ourselves another chance to make a run at it...

...Nobody owes us anything. I know Drayton is loath to rebuild or even have the word mentioned, but the reality is at some point, there's going to be a transition and they've got to look at the next 10 years in the organization. I won't be around then. They've got to do what's best for the health of the organization."

Roy cares not for the overall health of the organization:
"I think about it all the time, especially if I'm going to stay on my game plan. I have two more years. Time is running out. That's why I'm trying to push them not to look two years down the road. I'm looking at next year, and the better we can get now, the better we can be next year...

...Everyone says we have great prospects in A ball. That's great for the organization, but I'm looking at now. I tell Drayton all the time, 'The reason I signed here is I want to win, and let's do what we can do to win in the next two years.' Time is running out on me...

...I played 10 years and got close, but if you don't win the whole thing, it doesn't mean a whole lot. I've got a ring at every level I have played so far, and I need one more to complete the set.

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