Thursday, August 27, 2009

A note on the guys Ed Wade let walk

Last December, the Astros declined arbitration offers to Ty Wigginton, Randy Wolf, and Mark Loretta. How have they done this season?

Wigginton: 91GP, 305 ABs, .259/.306/.387, 8HR/33RBI, 40K:19BB
Keppinger: 82GP, 235 ABs, .264/.337/.383, 3HR/21RBI, 25K:24BB

Loretta: 89GP, 153 ABs, .222/.306/.261, 0HR/22RBI, 18K:18BB
Michaels: 81GP, 114 ABs, .228/.285/.447, 4HR/15RBI, 32K:8BB

Wolf: 28GS, 9-6, 177IP, 3.25 ERA/1.11 WHIP, 133K:47BB
Hampton: 21GS, 7-10, 112IP, 5.30 ERA/1.55 WHIP, 74K:46BB

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