Thursday, August 13, 2009

Newz and Notez

Thanks to Deputy Jason last night for the Live Blog until the storm knocked him out. Literally. Unconscious on the floor. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Check the LBeezy for the commentary.

In the meantime, today's notes column recounts a few things:

On Wesley Wright:
“I threw a slider to Nick Johnson and felt it grab a little bit. I tried to gut it out, but I couldn't make pitches when I needed to and ended up costing us the game. Hopefully I can get it rested up and be back ready to go. They could see me wincing. I told them I was going to try and go. We didn't have many guys anyway. I've thrown a lot the last week, week and a half. I think it caught up to me. I think fatigue caught up with me. It's not the year I expected to have. It seems like once I get in a groove something's always coming up.”

Now if only he had intentionally walked Nick Johnson...

And we also see that Coop wants to give Tejada a day off, but he's making it hard with all the base hits.

“I don't know,” Cooper said. “We're going to try and give him one. It's hard to do when a guy is getting hits the way he is. He's getting big hit after big hit.”

“I don't want a day off. Right now, we're in the position we've got to win now. I don't help the team when I'm sitting on the bench.