Friday, August 7, 2009

Maybe the Brewers have the right mindset for the final third of the season.

Interesting set of quotes from McTaggart in a preview of this weekend's series with the Brewers. And I'm beginning to think that complacency is setting in for the Astros.

Let's first examine some nuggets from Milwaukee:
Ryan Braun:
"We're getting to a position where we need to win as many games, as many series, as possible. We can't fall too many more games back with [two] teams ahead of us. Every series from here out is kind of a must-win for us."

Owner Mark Attanasio:
"We're still trying to get a pitcher or two. We still think we're in it. We just have to get on a winning streak. It's possible. Look at the way the Rockies came on [in 2007, when they won 21 of their final 22 regular-season games]. The Astros have done it a couple times this decade. If you can be in position in September, then you see who gets hot. We're still in position right now. We have had plenty of hitting. We just have to get commercially acceptable pitching, and we're going to be hard to beat."

Craig Counsell:
"These wins are huge for us. This is a really big time for us, and I thought we played with some good energy. We beat the best team in the National League in two out of three at their own place. That's big. It's something to get us going."

Now for the Astros.

"I don't think any of us are panicking or freaking out at all."

"It's just not happening for us. We're a little bit short-handed, but we can't use that as an excuse. We have to suck it up and make pitches and get it done. Not a whole lot you can do [as a manager]. Keep encouraging is what you can do. We certainly will do that. We are fighting to stay in it, and we need to have a good streak, that's for sure. I think we've got one in us. I know we do. We have to get people healthy and have consistent starting pitching. They're the ones that carried us to this point anyway, and we need more of that. But good health will be the key."

So who has the appropriate sense of urgency?

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