Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Matchup for G113 - Astros @ Marlins

Okay, let's see if Coop will walk the pitcher to get to the leadoff batter tonight. Game 2 of a 4-game set with the Marlins, and games and opportunities are slip slip slipping away.

Roy Oswalt
Sir Roy takes the mound tonight for the first time since leaving G100 at Wrigley with back problems. But man, was he dealing. Since June 1, Roy is 5-2 with a 2.77 ERA, and batters hitting .219/.270/.346 against him. He had one disaster start, compared to eight quality starts, and had a string up six straight quality starts before those silly Cubs messed it up. (Note to Cubs fans: that was a joke.)

Last three starts:

7/17 @LA94/15:017/8105/73
7/22 vStL77/34:113/913/9
7/28 @CHC1.21/02:01/220/14

2009 road record: 4-2 (12 starts), 3.30 ERA/1.02 WHIP, 73.2IP, 54K:18BB
Career vs. Florida: 5-4 (11 starts), 3.24 ERA/1.27 WHIP, 72.1IP, 66K:22BB
Career @ Dolphin Staduim: 2-3 (6 starts), 3.46 ERA/1.31 WHIP, 39IP, 36K:13BB

Let's do the splits:
vs Righties: .225/.287/.389, 50K:18BB
vs Lefties: .274/.314/.423, 56K:15BB

When swinging at the first pitch (72): .324/.324/.588, 9XBH
After First-Pitch Strikes (291): .212/.243/.318, 75K:8BB
After First-Pitch Balls (195): .280/.376/.476, 31K:25BB

RISP: 20x94, .213/.321/.319, 24K:14BB
Runners on: 44x189, .233/.307/.386, 39K:19BB
2OwRISP: 8x44, .182/.321/.227, 15K:7BB

Chris Volstad

Chris Volstad has had a case of the Mondays lately. In April and May Volstad was 6-5 with a 3.71 ERA and batters hitting .226/.289/.423 against him. June and July (and one start in August)? 4-5, 5.24 ERA, .296/.345/.487.

Last three appearances:

7/26 @LA5.18/42:411/788/45
7/31 vCHC6.26/25:011/1099/73
8/6 @WAS4.19/4 (7 tot)3:28/1087/52

Volstad started against Houston last year, and threw 8IP, 4H/1ER, 4K:1BB
@ Dolphin Stadium (car): 5-9, 4.39 ERA/1.32 WHIP, 110.2IP, 110H/54ER, 78K:36BB

Let's do the splits:
vs Righties: .269/.324/.409, 52K:20BB
vs Lefties: .256/.312/.498, 42K:21BB

When swinging at the first pitch (76): .362/.371/.710, 10XBH (7HR)
After First-Pitch Strikes (247): .209/.228/.347, 65K:6BB
After First-Pitch Balls (244): .290/.393/.498, 29K:35BB

So the key is to get the first-pitch ball. Which is good, because that happens almost half the time.

RISP: 34x107, .318/.390/.486, 12K:13BB
Runners on: 53x178, .298/.359/.506, 24K:17BB
2OwRISP: 30x148, .203/.293/.331, 25K:19BB

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