Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JJO again getting snippy

JJO, who has the peace that passes understanding, takes aim at Cooper's use of the bullpen. But this time, I'm with him.

Here's the blog post, in its entirety:

Reading through the comments Chris Sampson made to Richard Justice Tuesday in Florida, it's pretty clear that the righthander has not survived the abuse Cecil Cooper put him through before the All-Star break. It's pretty amazing when a guy who was on the disabled list and has asked for an extra day off here or there since the break still leads the relievers in innings or games.

Poor Doug Brocail's right shoulder never recovered from the abuse Cecil Cooper put him through before the 2008 All-Star break.

Now, Alberto Arias is showing signs of wearing down after Cooper rode him into the ground.

Guys like Sampson and Arias must be honest with Cooper and tell him there are days they cannot take the ball. Cooper had his career and made his money as a player, and now he's likely to try to sacrifice all the arms to avoid being fired after the season. Sampson and Arias are still trying to establish themselves in the majors.

Yorman Bazardo on Saturday was a perfect case of Cooper's selfish use of arms. He told the kid he likely wouldn't use him. Bazardo had just started on the previous Wednesday at Round Rock, yet Cooper ran him out there and the kid gamely labored through an inning while getting rocked.

In late July, Wesley Wright looked done as he labored through three innings. Everybody could see it as Wright was being knocked around by the Cubs. Well, everybody could see it but Cooper, who later that evening had to see Wright rushed out of Wrigley Field in a gurney for an ambulance ride to be treated for dehydration.

Oh, and we don't want to bring up what Cooper did to Troy Patton before that once top prospect was traded to Baltimore.

Jose Valverde ultimately was lost for over a month with a strained calf after trying to pitch hurt for Cooper.

Maybe it's time for the front office to start telling Cooper which relievers he should use. Either that, or the next manager will get a bunch of damaged goods next season in the bullpen.