Friday, August 28, 2009

Jerome Solomon on Roy's tirade

It must have taken a while to form an opinion. But what we do read is an interesting quote from Ed Wade about it:

"If he feels that way, he should name names, either that or address the players privately," Wade told Jesus Ortiz. "I just think that it's something that if he feels strongly about that, so strongly that he feels compelled to make public, I think he specifically should point out players who he feels aren't giving 100 percent. Because otherwise it's an indictment of the other 24 players on the club. I prefer for those things to be dealt with in private."

This response cracked me up. Basically, Wade said there is a right way and a wrong way, and though he would prefer you do things the right way, if you're going to do them the wrong way, do it big. Go big or go home.

Now read this. And then you'll need this:

You don't have to name names for the names you didn't name to know it is their names you would have named if you were naming names.

Once you diagram it, it makes more sense. But all this is to lead to the point that maybe Roy is talking himself into forcing a trade.