Monday, August 24, 2009

Hampton to have wacky treatment

The injured Mike Hampton is considering taking some of Brocail's medicine: Plasma Replacement Therapy. Brocail used it when his hamstring detached from his leg.
Cooper has no real plan for what to do behind the plate, now that Pudge is gone:
“There won't be a catching plan. It's just one guy will play a couple days. (Quintero) should catch today and probably catch Tuesday. Roy will go Wednesday, so probably back to Coste.”

And the difference between Coste and Q behind the plate? Coop:
“(Coste) receives the ball well. He doesn't throw like Pudge or Q, but he's quiet behind there and receives well. He can throw, just not in the same category as those guys. Those guys have more big arms, but that's his strength: receiving. He follows the game plan. He really knows what to do.”
Wesley Wright is off to Round Rock for rehab outings after throwing two bullpens:
“I bounced back pretty good. I threw my first one Friday, had one day off. I threw 40 pitches, and everything felt good. The main thing is to make sure the shoulder's good and be able to bounce back and continue to be able to work on my changeup, fastball command, and overall just become a better pitcher.”