Monday, August 24, 2009

Dewey on Norris

What the heck happened yesterday (besides the fact that now there are scouting reports on The Troof?)

Dewey Robinson:
“He's not going to sneak up on anybody anymore. They all have video on him and get the reports on what he throws (and) when he throws it. His fastball command has been kind of spotty, and that's where it starts and ends. Today, his ball was what I call leaking. If he was trying to run it in on a lefty, he was leaving it out over the plate.”

“It looked like he was trying to throw harder. When you try to throw harder, you don't throw hard. I thought he was muscling up a little bit and got a lot of balls up in the strike zone. He couldn't find his rhythm today at all.”

The Troof:
“I think I overanalyzed them a little bit. Obviously, I know my strengths and need to stick to 'em a little more.”