Saturday, August 8, 2009

Corpus reaction to Einertson

Good article in the Corpus paper today on Mitch Einertson's suspension.

Ricky Bennett wouldn't specify exactly what the "drug of abuse" was, citing confidentiality agreements.

Bennett said Einertson was notified of the suspension during the Hooks’ recent series in San Antonio. Einertson’s Whataburger Field locker was cleared out Friday and he was not at the ballpark.

“He didn’t say a lot,” Bennett said of Einertson’s reaction to the news. “He was pretty quiet. He didn’t have a much of a reaction one way or the other.”

“When I heard the news, I was obviously disappointed, not only for Mitch but for what he’s going through. He was making a lot of progress and to lose 50 games is disappointing to hear. He clearly understands that Major League Baseball has a program that’s in place and we have to support that program.”
“At some point next season, when he’s closer to being reinstated, we’ll sit down, evaluate the situation and make decision on what we’re going to do at that point,” Bennett said.

In 2005, Einertson missed part of the season due to "personal issues."

Einertson was replaced by 2007 team MVP Ray Sadler, who was released by the Rays on August 1.


This is an unfortunate situation, and this link takes you back to a July 26 article in which Ricky Bennett explained Eintertson's future:
"He's still a young, developing player. He's continuing to make progress offensively and defensively. This is a really big year for Mitch in his second year at Corpus Christi. We're looking for him maybe to advance to Triple-A next year with the outfield talent we've got coming up behind him.”