Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cabell to direct "Koby: Doin' Work"

Enos Cabell apparently couldn't shut up about Koby Clemens over the weekend.

Let's turn to JJO, who has breakfast with Enos Cabell, apparently, enhancing the quality of his Manifest Destiny of knowledge:
Over breakfast Sunday morning, Enos Cabell was gushing about Clemens, saying the young catcher might be the most clutch run producer in the whole organization.

I looked to see if Cabell was joking, but he wasn't. He is seriously impressed with Clemens.

"You need to pay attention to this kid," Cabell said. "He's had a great year and he's not getting enough recognition about it."

Ricky Bennett, what say you?
"He's right," said Astros assistant general manager Ricky Bennett, who also thinks Clemens has made dramatic strides this season behind the plate.

And JJO's after-school special portion:
Clemens has been a respectful young man, remaining classy during difficult times. More importantly, he's shown that he has a genuine fighting spirit and desire to be a major leaguer some day.

At Lancaster this season, Koby is hitting .346/.420/.622 with 62 of his 130 hits coming for extra-bases, and a league-leading 110 RBI.