Friday, August 28, 2009

Blum Shoulder, or is it Blum Neck?

Geoff Blum flew back to Houston yesterday to have his shoulder spasms checked out.

Coop thinks the problem in his shoulder, nay, even his knee lies in his neck:
“I think it's a nerve in his neck that's causing the problem. He's been battling a sore left knee and everything. He's got to get checked out.”
Hunter Pence feels personally responsible for his performance in August, a month in which he's hitting .214.

“Where we're at right now, I feel like I'm letting the fans down in Houston. We got to figure out a way to turn it around. That's what I'm working to do.”

Well, the fans in St. Louis love it.
And an update on Hampton's PRP:
“I hadn't thrown in two weeks. I didn't expect to feel great. I'll probably try it again in Arizona and see how I feel then. I threw probably about 50 throws. I'm trying to get it going. Some felt good, some didn't. ... I don't care who you are, if you haven't thrown in two weeks you're not going to feel great. We'll see. We'll give a couple more days and see how it feels.”

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