Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Astros ruined Devon Torrence's shot at baseball

Little profile on former Astros minor-leaguer Devon Torrence in the Canton Register today.

Torrence was a 2007 16th Round draft pick who played for the Astros for a couple of months out of the season, and with Ohio State's football team the remainder of the year. In 2008, Torrence hit .151, but it wasn't his fault:

“In high school, I mainly hit right-handed, but whenever I’d go to showcases, I’d hit left-handed. What happened was, the Astros found out I could switch hit and made me hit from the left side. It’s a lot harder to hit 93, 94 miles per hour pitches from the left side when you’ve never done that. I was only there for six weeks, so the last two years I played 12 weeks of baseball and most of the guys have played two full seasons. It was a big jump, and it was difficult.”

But he's not giving up on playing with the Astros:
“I talked to my hitting coach D.J. Boston and the Astros as well as Coach Tressel. They’re very encouraging with the situation. Hopefully I can lock down a (starting) spot this year (at Ohio State) and next summer I can find a way to work out while I’m playing baseball. I really do love baseball. That was a big decision for me to stay here this summer. I’m glad I made the decision I did. I think it’s going to pay off.

“As far as being a two-sport athlete, I figured that out a long time ago that was something that was intriguing. Baseball is something that will be a part of my life as long as I’m on this earth. I’m not done professionally. I’m just enjoying the journey.”

Silly Astros. Making a guy who switch-hits, actually hit from the left side!