Monday, August 17, 2009

Astros June Draft picks yet to sign

Deadline is at midnight, and earlier today Bobby Heck mentioned that he was less optimistic about signing any more of the 36 picks the Astros have already signed to contracts. Who has not yet signed (as of 3:17pm Central)?

12th Round: RHP Geoffrey Thomas
26th Round: 1B Matthew Watson
28th Round: RHP Eric Anderson
30th Round: RHP Brandon Petite
32nd Round: RHP Greg Peavey
36th Round: SS Tyler Saladino
39th Round: RHP Rory Young
41st Round: C Carlos Escobar
42nd Round: CF Ivory Thomas
43rd Round: RHP Anthony Tzamtzis
45th Round: 2B Adian Morales
46th Round: SS Justin Gonzalez
47th Round: RHP Matt Branham
48th Round: LHP Steven Rodriguez
49th Round: 1B Matt Smith