Thursday, July 9, 2009

Setting the stage for G84 - Nationals at Astros

When LaTroy Hawkins steps to the mound at 6:05pm this evening, here's the situation:

Bottom of the 11th, one out
Elijah Dukes (was) on first
Oswalt, Sampson, Byrdak, Lee, Michaels are unavailable as they have already been taken out of the game

Miguel Tejada is 3x6, Pence and Pudge: 2x6.

“It is kind of weird picking up a game. Then it’s a home game for them. That would be weird, very weird, weirder than playing a home game in Milwaukee (as the Astros did twice against the Cubs last September) for them to be at our place to get a walk-off."

I will disagree that the resuming of G84 in Houston is weirder than the Milwaukee home game.

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