Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sampson's balls are down and right

Ha ha! Juvenile humor - it never gets old. Chris Sampson is eligible to come off the DL on Sunday, and I'm guessing it'll be Chad Paronto who gets sent back down.

After a simulated game that Sampson says went well, he'll be back in the bullpen sooner than later.

"I feel a lot better. The rest did some good. I was having good action on my two-seamer and my slider. I threw a couple bad curveballs, but all in all it felt good. I was throwing strikes and hitting my spots...

...The hitters said I had life on the ball and it had movement that was late and down, which is key for me. The main thing was that it was moving late, which is good, because when my arm was bothering me it wasn't moving at all. If it was moving, it was just kind of rolling up there and not having any sharp break. Hopefully all will be well [Saturday] and I'll be ready to go Sunday."

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