Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recap for G80 - Astros @ Giants

Big story of today's game was not just the Astros' 7-1 win, but also Randy Johnson's exit with a shoulder injury after committing a throwing error, and then taking a more awkward than normal swing against Roy.

ANY-way, the Astros prevented a sweep, and managed to come away from a seven-game road trip with a 4-3 record. The Astros scored their seven runs over three innings, two of them 3-run innings. The Astros drew two walks (none by Berkman) on the day, but it was all about Roy.

Here's the thing:
Roy: 8IP, 3H/1ER, 6K:1BB - the one ER a homer by Rich Aurilia in the 8th - 19/28 first-pitch strikes, 29/69 non-contact strikes (22 looking)
LaHawk: 1IP

Most of all, Roy was efficient. Here's the pitch count by inning:
1st: 10
2nd: 7
3rd: 10
4th: 13
5th: 9
6th: 12
7th: 11
8th: 22

So the only inning Roy had where he threw 15+ pitches was in the 8th, and the last two batters Roy faced (Lewis and Torres) took 11 of those, and had eight ABs in which Roy didn't throw a ball.

Offensively, a good performance. 10 hits, 7 runs; including two hits from All-Star Miguel Tejada and three hits from Jeff Keppinger, who raised his average to .268. The Astros also got it done with the long ball: homers from Tejada (1st inning), Pence and Michaels (both in the 4th). They showed more plate discipline - though the walks didn't show it - only making three first-pitch outs.

Man of the Match: It has to go to Roy, doesn't it? Paulino and Ortiz couldn't stop the Giants' offense, and Roy most certainly did that, holding the Giants to 3x26.

Goat of the Game: Hard to say. Pudge helped call a great game, so he's off the hook - despite his 0x4 with only 11 pitches. How about Matsui? The other 0-fer guy, and now hitting .232 with a .284 OBP.

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