Saturday, July 4, 2009

Recap for G78 - Astros @ Giants

What in the heck was that! As soon as we get all excited about the Astros' sudden depth at SP, this happens, a 13-0 loss to the Giants to open the series.

How did this happen? Let's recap the first inning...
Rowand: 1-2 K (swinging) -
Winn: 2-1 single to left
Sandoval: 2-1 homer to right
Schierholtz: 0-1 single to right
Renteria: 3-2 single to center (with a wild pitch in there)
Ishikawa: 2-2 K (looking)
Uribe: 1-0 groundout to second (but not after a Quintero PB scored Schierholtz)

Okay, so it's 3-0 after one. Paulino threw five of his seven first-pitches for strikes.

Second inning...
Whiteside: 2-2 double to center
Sadowski: sac bunt
Rowand: four-pitch walk
Winn: 3-2 2-run triple
Sandoval: First-pitch lineout to first
Schierholtz: first-pitch RBI single to right
Renteria: 1-0 single to center
Ishikawa: 0-1 3-run homer to right
Uribe: 2-2 flyout to right

So 16 batters, six outs, nine runs. Then Fulchino comes in and gets two outs to begin the third, and then promptly gives up five straight hits - three of them for extra bases, four of them scoring Giants, before getting out of the inning, and then calming down for four scoreless innings.

So...yep. That's the biggest loss since June 15 last year - the interleague massacre at the hands of the Yankees, also 13-0. But unfortunately for my wife, and anybody else who went to that game, that was at home. Interestingly enough, the Astros lost 13-0 in 2007 to the Rangers (at home). And it's the worst road loss since August 22, 2006, when the Astros lost 14-0 to the Reds. So let's hear it for a four-year streak of getting shutout and giving up 13+ runs!

Let's just do the thing.
Paulino: 2IP, 9H/8ER, 2K:1BB, 16 non-contact strikes, 12/16 first-pitch strikes
Fulchino: 5IP, 5H/4ER, 4K:0BB, 17 NCS, 14/21 FPS
Byrdak: 1IP, 1H, 2BB, 1 NCS, 4/6 FPS

Offensively, well, you can see what happened. Sadowski was made to look like the reincarnation of Juan Marichal, getting three hits and a walk in 25 ABs vs. Sadowski. Jonathan Sanchez came in and allowed a hit in 2IP, and that was it. A .125 batting average on the night.

It was the 4th inning before Lance got the Astros' first hit, and that was it until the 7th, when Blum and Pence got back-to-back two-out singles...and then Matsui grounded out to second. Bourn provided the 4th and final hit on an infield single in the 8th. It's worth noting that Hunter Pence, despite going 1x3, only saw eight pitches all night.

Man of the Match: Let's call it for Lance. On base twice in a night where the Astros only got on base five times all night.

Goat of the Game: Really? Felipe Paulino.

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