Monday, July 13, 2009

Paulino not happy

Nice little Notes column from the Chronicle this morning detailing that:

-Paulino ain't happy about being sent down.
Coop says it's all about the command:
“That's what we told him and that's what I would tell you, command and mainly using his off-speed stuff.”

Paulino ain't buying it:
“I'm going to go down and do my work, as usual. They told me I have to work more, but I don't understand. I have all my pitches right. They have their decisions, and they have their side of it. I just want to do what's best for the team. Truly, if there's an opportunity to come back, I want to come back when they want. I feel good and healthy. But they think I'm missing some pitches, so I have to go down and do my job.”

-Also, Brocail is feeling better, and threw a 60-pitch bullpen session on Sunday:
“I feel good. I can't throw a strike, but I feel good. The health is phenomenal. If (only) I could throw over the plate. I'd really need a lot of guys to swing (at everything) now to get strikes. I just need mound time, you can throw all the bullpens (sessions) you want. There's guys who look phenomenal in bullpens that can't throw strikes. I don't look like either guy.”

-Chris Sampson has clearly been spending time on WebMD:
Here's the whole quote: “It's not just one area. There's a lot of buildup. It's the whole right side of my body,” Sampson said before proceeding to name most of the muscles at or near the right shoulder.

-Banged, Nicked, Dinged. Coop is thankful the Astros don't have more All-Stars:
“A lot of guys are banged and nicked up a little bit,” Cecil Cooper said. “I got a pretty long list of nicks and nagging stuff. We might even be a little short today. We're nicked and nagged and dinged up. This time of year everybody is dinged up.”

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