Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ortiz' walks in G97

“I actually felt great. The thing I’m most frustrated about is that there were a couple guys I walked where I was ahead in the count or in good counts. Sometimes I don’t mind walks, but that’s just frustrating. That can’t happen.”

The link above takes you to a quick look at how Ortiz' walks impacted his outing, but let's look again...

Walk #1, to Luis Castillo: T1st, 0 out, Angel Pagan on first. Five pitches. Later scored on Jeff Francoeur's sac fly. Two runs score with 2 outs.

Walk #2, to David Wright: T3rd, 1 out, Six pitches. No runs scored.

Walk #3, to Cory Sullivan: T4th, 0 out, leadoff batter. Down 0-2, four foul-offs, walked on 10 pitches. Later scored on Alex Cora's GIDP.

Walk #4, to David Wright: T5th, 1 out, Castillo on 1st. 2-2 count, five foul-offs, Wright and Castillo later scored on Francoeur's three-run homerun. Three runs scored with 2 outs.

So four walks led to five Mets runs being scored with 2 outs, three of the four walked batters came around to score.

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