Friday, July 17, 2009

Notes more like a casualty list

Today's Notes column from the Chronicle details various and sundry injuries. Quick-like:

-Some sitting positions cause LaHawk to endure back spasms. He then short-sightedly demonstrated what those positions were.

-Doug Brocail will throw a simulated game today. After the simulated game, he'll most likely go on a rehab assignment to test out the hamstring:
"This is one of those things that I can get out there. You can do anything pitching, (but the test is) the simulation of breaking to first. I can't get that until I get in the game. There's no use in checking that out in the big leagues. As much as I hate rehab assignments, this one I think is going to be a necessity only because if I overstride or I move too quick I got to know what it's going to do.”

-Erstad is feeling better with his tender hamstring. This is a case of the Notes obviously being written before the game, because Erstad took over at 1st in the 8th inning after Berkman came out. Whoops.

-And one more item of note: Pence is pissed about not getting in the All-Star Game:
“Yeah, I think it is a big motivation to me to want to go out and do more. A little bit of just not getting the chance to go in there. You want to go out and just for whatever reason it fires you up and motivates you to want to play well the second half. And then also it motivates you for the next year to try to prove that you can get back again and get a chance to play. So I still got the carrot in front of the horse.”

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