Friday, July 17, 2009

More on Boone's comeback

Alyson Footer posted a blog today detailing the earlier post.

The last time we spoke with Boooooone -- in mid-June, during the Astros trip to Arizona -- he said he'd love to play again this year and mentioned a September return as a very real possibility.

That would require him to spend at least a month rehabbing in the Minor Leagues, and it appears that the timetable is working in his favor. I love the idea of Booooone playing with the Astros in September, especially if they're in a playoff race. Rosters will expand to 40, so no one would have to be sent out in order to make room for Boone, and he would be a tremendous presence in the clubhouse during the stretch run.

He's been through everything -- division races, October baseball (who can forget his Game 7 homer that won the pennant for the Yankees in '03?) -- and there's no doubt the Astros could only benefit from that kind of veteran presence during such an intense time.


There's also a note that J.R. Towles broke his nose in "a tractor mishap," but is still eligible to play. You've got to be kidding me. Let's also keep in mind that Towles missed some time in Spring Training taking off his shirt and cutting his hand up on the ceiling fan.

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