Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lincecum, Pujols, Bell combine to screw the National League

So I guess that means the Astros will open the World Series on the road. The American League extended their unbeaten streak in All-Star games to 13 years with a 4-3 win last night over the National League.

Tejada was 0x2, including making the last out of the game, and Pence...wait. Pence didn't even get in the game? Pence didn't even get in the game! 26 National League All-Stars played, and Pence didn't - joining Freddy Sanchez as the only NL position players who weren't hurt not to see any game action. Screw you, Charlie Manuel. Guy's first All-Star Game, there were 11 ABs among outfielders, and you can't find one for Pence? Just to perpetuate the last paragraph of whining, it's worth pointing out that all five Phillies got ABs in the game.


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