Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Levine's profile on C-Lo

Off-season signee Chia-Jen Lo has been off to a great start, rising to Corpus Christi in half a season, but Levine points out that he is too reliant on his fastball.

“In Lancaster, the coaches told me to get my fastball under better control with location. But now, when I came up here and can control the fastball, they want me to work on my breaking ball so I can have more weapons."

Pounding fastballs doesn't always work. Ricky Bennett:
“That's something we're trying to get him to work on. (His breaking ball) is a plus pitch. He just doesn't have complete confidence in throwing it when he should. That's part of his development; he can't just continue to pump fastballs. He can get away with it in A ball and AA, but when he gets to the big leagues, he's going to have to be able to throw the breaking ball over for strikes in any count.”

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