Monday, July 27, 2009

How do you beat the Astros? One (compound) word: call-ups

Notes from Zachary Levine this morning detailing the gentlemanly way of the Astros' offense boosting the confidence of young pitchers (i.e., Ryan Sadowski, Jon Niese).

“With a new guy, sometimes looking at the video doesn't help. Sometimes, even facing him once or twice doesn't help. You just need to see him for a while.”

Levine notes that the Astros are 4-5 against pitchers who have made 10 or fewer career appearances (but the Astros have gone off on a couple of other pitchers who fall in that category).


Expect to see Chris Sampson in a limited role until he becomes readjusted to Major League life...

“Any time you bring a guy off the table, you don't want to stick him back in those high-pressure situations. He'll be a one-, maybe two-inning guy, but certainly not in the seventh or eighth inning at crunch time.”

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