Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hawkins out, Brocail in

LaHawk is on the DL with back pain associated with shingles, and admits it could be more that 15 days before he's back (pun intended):

“People with back pain, I have a new profound respect. My wife has a bad back and I see her back locked up and if you don't have that problem you don't know if it's that bad. And I have a high tolerance for pain, a very high tolerance, and this is testing my tolerance.

On when he might return:
"I don't know. It could be two or three weeks. It can be six months. It could be a year. You just don't know because you can't.”

To compensate, the Astros cut short Brocail's rehab assignment, who was scheduled to throw 2IP in Corpus last night, and will bring him to Chicago where he'll be available as a fresh arm out of the over-taxed bullpen.


But his back didn't hurt enough to shut up about getting tossed two days ago. When asked if he could go back in the WayBack Machine and do it over, he said:
Why would I?" And will fight any fine or suspension, “Well, if I do, I'm fighting it."

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