Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hampton = Steve McNair

Never let an obvious column/post/article pass you by. Or how about flat-out reaching for one?

The Examiner today compares Mike Hampton to Steve McNair:

Hampton may not be the best pitcher, but he's definitely the toughest. In a way, he is the Steve McNair of Major League Baseball...

...Both Hampton and McNair share a common bond of having to overcome injuries just to play their respective sport. They refused to let it get the better of them. Their overall toughness on the field provides inspiration to all professional athletes, coaches and fans.

Whether it's professional, college or high school sports, every team needs a player similar to Hampton or McNair. Courage, passion and the refusal to give up in times of struggle exemplifies an extraordinary athlete. Sports extends deeper than simply generating exceptional stats. It's about whether or not a player can have a positive impact on their team.

The Astros are a better team because of Hampton being on the roster, just as the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens were great with Air McNair playing quarterback.


Agree, or disagree?

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