Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five years after he retires, Berkman will be eligible for the Hall of Fame

Three things to note about eligibility:
1. To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, you have to have played ten seasons
2. You have to have been retired
3. Your name can't show up on any extra-curricular lists on Bud Selig's desk

That's it. And as of tonight, Berkman will have played ten seasons, because today is the 10th anniversary of Lance Berkman's major league debut. Is he a Hall of Famer? That's to be debated another time, but congratulations to Lance.


jphelps said...

But will he make it? Now that he's eligible, the argument can start. Playing in the era he did, where do his career numbers need to end up to guarantee entry? And at his current pace how many more years does he need to play?

The Constable. said...

This will be the topic of the next Off-Day Argument...