Friday, July 10, 2009

Coop's Kind of Pitchers

Earlier today JJO brought up how Cooper allegedly told Russ Ortiz that he wasn't "his type of pitcher."

You know: gets behind hitters, throws a lot of pitches, and gets a lot of walks. So I got to wondering, are there any other Astros' pitchers who Coop may not like?

Ortiz walks batters at a rate of one walk per 8.28 batters faced. That's our baseline. Does anyone else walk batters at a higher rate?

Not among starters. But among relievers? Yep, Tim Byrdak has 18 walks in 126 batters faced, or 1 walk per 7BF.

What about pitch count? Ortiz has been...
Behind 2-0: 10 times
Behind 3-0: 5 times
Behind 3-1: 27 times
Full count: 53 times

Can anyone beat that?
Behind 2-0: Nope
Behind 3-0: Wandy (10), Oswalt (9)
Behind 3-1: Wandy (32)
Full count: Wandy (58)

What about strike percentage? Ortiz has thrown 59% of his 1323 pitches for strikes. Can anyone do worse than that?

Among starters?

What about pitches/batter? Ortiz throws an average of 4.10 pitches/batter faced. Anyone higher?

Wandy - 4.05
Hampton - 3.79
Roy - 3.76
Moehler - 3.65

So maybe Coop is onto something. That said, Ortiz' 4.44 ERA is fourth among the Six Regular Starters, behind Wandy, Roy, and Hampton, but ahead of Moehler and Paulino. So maybe Coop needs to calm it down...

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