Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cards' writers: still not afraid of the Astros

In the morning writer roundup at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the question is "Which team is the Cardinals' biggest threat?" I found this an interesting way to phrase it, as the standings would indicate that the Cards are the Cubs biggest threat. Anyway. The Cubs were the consensus pick, but Jeff Gordon (kind of) picked the Astros:

Until Roy Oswalt went down, I liked the Astros. That team has been on a prolonged upturn. The ’Stros can really beat up opponents in its bandbox stadium. But they have to have their ace. If Oswalt misses significant time with his back strain, that makes the Cubs the biggest threat — even without Ted Lilly. Neither team seems likely to make a major move at the trade deadline, though, so both teams could lose some steam.

There it is, the Astros as a product of Minute Maid Park.

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