Friday, July 24, 2009

C70 at the Bat responds to the Holliday trade

So many of you have read the exchanges between Astros County and my favorite Cardinals' blog, C70 at the Bat. I asked Daniel from C70 what the heck happened. Think they're happy? Think again...

AC: What the heck just happened?
C70: Once I figure it out myself...Basically, from what I understand, the Cards traded their top prospect, Brett Wallace, plus two other prospects (including Clayton Mortensen, one of their top pitching prospects) for Matt Holliday.

The thought is that they can get him to St. Louis and do the McGwire/Rolen/Edmonds bit on him, have him fall in love with the city and want to give a reasonable deal on the extension.

Fanbase opinion? At least what I've seen so far, they are wondering if John Mozeliak has completely lost his mind. Wallace for Holliday was untenable enough--check out this post from yesterday at Future Redbirds-- but to add to the deal and still not get an extension signed ahead of time? Sure, they got back $1.5 million, but that's hardly anything.

Check out C70's full post here.

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