Saturday, July 4, 2009

Astros sign five international players

So the Astros signed five international players as Wade/Heck try to rebuild the farm system:

16-year old RHP Alexander Martinez, from Nicaragua
17-year old LHP Kilby Pena, from Dominican Republic)
17-year old RHP Enderson Franco from Venezuela
16-year old IF Luca Martone from Italy
16-year old IF Jonathan Mejia, from Dominican Republic

“It adds depth to the system. The work we’re doing on the international front is a critical component of our effort to put together a strong, deep and productive player development system.”

Incidentally, the addition of the team in the GCL and the to-be-completed Dominican Academy will help. Wade:
“The more advanced high school kids, like (first-round draftee) Jiovanni Mier, have a suitable landing spot with our Greenville club. We talk about the uncertainty of the draft and U.S. kids. I think to a large extent it’s a real crapshoot with kids and how you try to project body types and with proper nutrition how they’ll change.

“It’s really a long-range projection. These kids will get some time under their belt in the Dominican summer league, and this time next year, when the new complex is open, we’ll create a greater structure for them to move over here and become productive.”

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