Friday, July 24, 2009

Astros minor-leaguer suspended for steroid use

Six players in the Dominican Summer League have been suspended 50 games for using a banned substance. One of those players is DSL Astros pitcher Felix Ramirez.

44 minor-leaguers have been suspended this year for using a banned substance, and to my knowledge, Ramirez is the first one in the Astros organization this season.

Ramirez tested positive for boldenone, described as such:

Like most anabolic steroids it increases muscle mass over time by increasing nitrogen retention and positively influencing protein synthesis or re-synthesis. An action that is not necessarily supported by an androgenic mediator as was shown with nandrolone. What boldenone has that other steroids don't is that it indirectly supplies the necessary means for that protein synthesis because it drastically increases the appetite. Thereby facilitating the high nutritional intake (especially protein wise) needed to book the best results when using anabolic androgenic steroids. Its more of a benefit than you think as a lot of people have theorized that it is this increase that is responsible for the great results booked when using boldenone.

Way to go, jerkface.