Thursday, June 11, 2009

With the 1361st pick...

(45th Round) The Astros select Adrian Morales, 5'10" 180lb 2B from Miami Dade Community College (South Campus).

In '09 Morales was 57x167 (.341) with 46RBI, and has signed a letter of intent with the University of South Carolina.

In an article with South Carolina sports...

(Interviewer John Whittle): With the draft inching closer, what kind of emotions are going through your head right now? Nervous, excited?

Adrian Morales: It’s exciting because I’ve never been drafted before. It is exciting and it should be exciting for everybody. I’m very happy my name is even being brought up in the draft.

JW: How does your family feel about all that is going on right now?
AM: They, of course, want me to become a professional baseball player but they know if it’s not life-changing money, South Carolina is going to be the best fit for me as far as the best competition out there. It’s better competition than the lower minor leagues like Rookie Ball and Low A. Another year in the best competition would be good for me.

JW: What are your plans for draft day?
AM: I’m just going to wait around and see what happens. I’m working out, training, and doing everything I need to do to prepare for South Carolina. The draft, if it happens it happens. If not, I’m ready and excited for South Carolina.

JW: Have you been doing anything specifically to prepare for the draft?
AM: No, I’m just lifting and working out with my brother. I’m just hitting and so forth, so there’s really no change. I’m just going to train and work out with my brother and get ready to be the starting second baseman.

I'm guessing Morales will be heading to South Carolina...

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