Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where you can find the new Astros...

The Kissimee Somethings - Gulf Coast League
Tanner Bushue, Telvin Nash, BJ Hyatt, Ronald Sanchez, Mark Jones, Aaron Bray.

Greeneville Astros
You better believe I'll be at a few of these games
David Williams, Ryan Humphrey, J.D. Martinez, Travis Smink, Scott Migl, Grant Hogue.

Tri-City ValleyCats
Brandon Wikoff, Ben Orloff, Justin Harper, J.B. McDonald, Brian Kemp, Barry Butera, Robby Donovan, Mike Modica, Nick Stanley, Brenden Stines

All of your new ValleyCats are college-age players.

“I’m very satisfied to have this number of players signed this quickly,” assistant GM of scouting Bobby Heck said. “It’s a tribute to the work our scouts have done and the relationship with these people in preparing for signing. You can go in there and sign the player and not just feel each other out."

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