Monday, June 15, 2009

What's with the abbreviation?

Got a question in the ol' inbox.

Q: What's with the random apostrophes for Arizona?

AC: Here's the thing. The franchise known as the Arizona Diamondbacks abbreviates their team name to the D'Backs. On their jerseys, on just about everything. That is preposterous. If they didn't want such a long name, maybe they could have chosen something else. This isn't a matter of laziness, like calling the Yankees the "Yanks." I can't stand altering the name due to regional dialects, either - like calling the Red Sox the "Sawx." No one calls the Rangers the "Rayn-jurrs," like they say it in Dallas. No one calles Atlanta the "Braaaaayves." So to have a franchise randomly abbreviate their name infuriates me, and I will reassign their apostrophe at will.

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