Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on 30th round pick Brandon Petite

30th round pick Brandon Petite has committed to Texas Tech, and head coach Dan Spencer expects him to enroll in the Fall: I do … as confident as you can be without them being here standing at your door. I think it’s an honor for them to get drafted and that’s great. But both should come to school and I think the money will dictate that."

"I waited longer than I expected to wait, but it came through and I got drafted. It was a good feeling. It was a big sigh of relief because a lot of teams had been scared off by my commitment to Texas Tech. So they didn’t know if they should take me and take the chance on losing a draft due to a kid that’s going to college. It was a guessing game. So it was a big relief. I talked to Houston right after I got picked. They were telling me what kind of situations we’re going to be in and what they see in the future. They’re going to wait over the summer to make me my offer and watch me play with the Lethbridge Bulls. I wasn’t expecting to wait so long, but it happened. The initial thought was ‘you got to be kidding me’ because I was in the draft slot as a seventh to 12th rounder, but my commitment to Texas Tech kind of scared off a few teams because they didn’t know if they would draft me in the seventh to 12th rounds that they’d lose me if I went to school. But then Houston kind of nutted up and went after me. It was a long day."

On the money he's asking for:
“The money I’m asking for is top-round money,” said Petite, adding he’s asking for $150,000 plus his education paid. Petite believes he has a legitimate shot to move up through Houston’s system.

“They’re looking at me as a reliever-type, set-up man. They like my velocity for a reliever and my slider as a set-up guy/reliever. They really liked the way I play the game. The words they used were that when I’m on the mound, I’m like a bulldog and I just go right after batters.”


Anonymous said...

"Nutted up", "I expect top round money"...

Is this guy joking? Houston must have been the only team NOT at the Canadian Midget Nationals last year...when you got LIT UP by Alberta.

3 IP, 7 runs, TEN (10) WALKS

Come on buddy, give your head a shake. You'll be back in Glace Bay shortly.

The Constable. said...

That's a pretty brutal - though honest - assessment. One game is one game, but those are pretty heady comments...