Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surely you're joking

As we head into the final game of the Tigers series, Geoff Blum has healed and was activated from the DL. Who got sent to Tha Rock to make room? Not Matt Kata. Edwin Maysonet.

Regard Coop:
"He's done exactly what we've needed him to do," manager Cecil Cooper said on Friday. "He hasn't not played well. It's just that the role has been diminished, because guys have become healthy, the guys that were supposed to be out there playing are playing."

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Will said...

I doubt anyone would argue that Kata has done more than Maysonet to merit a spot on the big club, but maybe this move was made to assure Maysonet regular playing time. With Kaz on the roster, there's always the chance that he gets hurt again, so this might be about keeping Maysonet ready in RR just in case his services are needed. Also, it helps that Kata's a switch-hitter, and he might not have any options remaining.