Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recap for G68 - Royals @ Astros

The Astros helped Zack Greinke find his Cy Young form again last night in a 2-1 loss to the Royals, wasting a great effort by Russ Ortiz in the process.

Ortiz got a season-high 21 outs - his third straight season-high, and second straight quality start, allowing 5H/2ER, with 4K:2BB. He allowed a monster homer to left to Billy Butler, but limited the damage by getting a double play to the previous batter.

The Astros didn't get any extra-base hits, but their best chance came in the 9th. With Berkman on 1st, Tejada on 2nd, and nobody out, Pudge and Matsui struck out swinging and Michaels grounded out to the pitcher.

All in all: 10 hits, 10 singles, 1 run, 1 winnable game lost.

Man of the Match: Russ Ortiz, come on down!

Goat of the Game: There are a few possibilities here, but it goes to Erstad. Starting for Berkman (and congrats to Los Berkmans on the birth of a daughter), Erstad was 0x3 with a GIDP and is now hitting .135

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