Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recap for G67 - Astros at Twins

Bet you didn't see that coming. Quality start from Moehler. Homer by Bourn. Four runs in the 7th, one in the 8th, and that, my friends, is a 6-5 win. And Coop manages to get kicked out in the 5th. Anyone want to make the observation that the Astros came alive after he was in his office?

The Astros had six extra-base hits: four doubles and two HRs - Bourn (2) and Berkman (14).

Moehler got 11 groundball outs, gave up four hits and, not kidding, those were three homers and a double. LaHawk had to go and make things interesting by allowing a 2-run homer to Jason Kubel, while Valverde got his 4th save of the year.

Only Tejada and Lee (and Erstad, who was pinch-hit for after 2 ABs) went hitless.

Man of the Match: Michael Bourn, again. 2x3 with 2RBI and a walk.

Goat of the Game: LaHawk.

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